Product design and development for the conformation of the optimal solution of a large-scale project where the great difficulty was the realization of the 3D model together with its reverse engineering to carry out its mountable design on site.

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One of our specialties, the manufacture of custom steam baths and proof of this is shown with this project. Here, EP elements offered our client the opportunity to carry out a project of high technical scope due to the premises that the architecture required. Our company was in charge of the 3D modeling and manufacture of the structure of walls, benches and ceilings.

3D design, the key to this project
The main key for EP elements to carry out the manufacture of this project was thanks to our product, our composite formed by rigid polystyrene foam and where we apply reinforcement in all the parts that make up the product using fibers and technical mortars. This is due to the nature of the core and the great versatility offered by the raw material to be able to carry out singular cuts like those in this project.

This set of steam bath made for a luxury housing complex, is made up of several areas that we can see in the plan of our image gallery. It has a central distribution area (red roof) where it gives access to two steam rooms, left and right with complex ceilings made by our design department using advanced surfaces. Thanks to our 3D modeling methodology, it could be carried out because the shape designed by the architect did not follow any geometric pattern.


These steam baths, in their interior, were made up of several benches in the same mechanized way, being their simplest form because they only had to follow the contour of the walls. Finally, this same distributor, in the background, gave rise to two shower areas with ceilings of the same complexity where they joined two rooms, also to the left and right, with two Finnish saunas.