Self-supporting pool glass made from rigid expanded polystyrene foam, conforming our EP-elementS structural insulation capable of making pool glasses of dimensions such as those in this example.

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One of our most innovative projects and where our PASSIVE POOLS system is the solution to various problems posed in the rehabilitation of buildings. This particular design allowed one of our clients to be able to opt for the realization of a pool glass with a water depth of 10000x3000mm and a water height of 1200mm, all of it overflowing on its four sides and being half-buried with the wooden deck. placed on the deck. Thanks to our system, it was possible to install it on the roof of the existing building in one of the main boulevards of Barcelona, Passeig de Gracia.

Overflow like compensation vessel
One of the keys for the concession of the manufacture of this project was the ability of our product design department to be able to project a model capable of assuming the necessary water capacity in the perimeter overflow channel, as well as absorbing all the pressure with solvency. hydrostatic amount of water contained along the 10 meter length. In collaboration with the architecture, we designed a series of perimeter reinforcement elements with channels for level compensation in this channel.

Another of the most unique points of this vase was the design of the stairs. Below in the photograph you can see how the access to the bathing area was solved, it consists of 4 large steps where they offer great floor safety to the bather, as well as a different and innovative design that fits perfectly with the design of the building . All of this is possible at EP elementS thanks to our design and manufacturing technology.


Ultimately, as is customary in all our pool basins, we provide the pipes in our standardized modular pieces, as well as the corresponding wall modules in the wall modules. In this case, we have vertical bushings for lighting and hydraulic injection in the background.