Realization of the 3D model, calculation of deformations and manufacture in the EP-elementS brand structural insulation facilities for the conformation of the pool glass integrating all kinds of accessories and shapes such as stairs, hydromassage beds and benches.

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This project was born from the need to shorten construction execution times to ensure that our client's client can enjoy the opening of this complex shaped glass in their facilities, which adds great added value to their hotel. Thanks to the capacity of EP-elementS, its work methodology prior to the construction of any vessel with our PASSIVE POOLS system, we managed to design together with the facultative management and our client the optimal solution to carry out this project during the licensing procedures. , all based on architectural plans and taking our modular pieces to the millimeter. This glass was designed taking into account that it had to be raised on the roof of a hotel 12 stories high. That is why, together with our product design department, the appropriate sizes were conceived so that the pieces could be lifted to the work area and, in turn, be easy to place.

Easy installation
It is made up of several structural elements that allow good assembly. For the beginning of the installation, 2000x1000mm panels are available for the formation of the soil, these have the necessary holes for the bottom pipe and, thanks to our machining robot, the perimeter contour is made for the placement of circular walls. This technique gives us an advantage, we should not do any stakeout for the placement of curved walls, always being a great advance.

Once we have leveled the entire floor and checked all measurements, we began with the installation of walls, interior benches with hydromassage and beds with air-blowing accessories. All these elements, walls supplied with grommets, benches and beds with machining for air accessory holes, are glued to the existing floor structure.


Finally, and thanks to our PASSIVE POOLS system, our design department thought that the best option, due to the size of the project, was to leave the placement of the overflowing pieces for a final phase. With this we are able to level the sheet of water by laser levels to the millimeter so that the overflow of the water is perfect.

Once we have all assembled structure, we proceed to the realization of:

  • Placement of pipe in the holes marked at the factory
  • On-site glued pipe pressure testing
  • Filling and sealing using waterproof technical mortars
  • Sealing of pipe exit points into the vessel
  • Waterproofing application and tightness test