We show one of the most innovative applications of our PASSIVE POOL system where our ability to make custom elements is used to execute renovations and image changes in the interiors of existing concrete vessels. In this case, our client carried out the remodeling of a 10.00x5.00m pool glass.

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We appreciate in the images shown at the bottom of this section the elaboration and execution of a large project. Here EP-elements played an important role where it contributed its knowledge in renovating existing pool vessels. In this case, the scope of action was the interior of a concrete basin where, through the design and knowledge of advanced technological materials, we were able to solve the reform of a simple pool basin into a SPA glass, turning the installation into a ideal stay for the enjoyment of the user.

Factory integration of accessories
The great "handicap" we had for this project was, in addition to the short period of time in manufacture, the study of the integration of the elements of massage, lighting, filtration, sound ... in all the pieces that make up the construction system developed for this Proyect. This difficulty was motivated by the nature of the auxiliary elements, in this case they were bronze accessories where we want to emphasize that our system admits any integration of an element after study, and by the particularity of making the 3D design for its mechanization with a conditioner: the single pipe exit area at a point in the vessel.

This conditioning factor was key to be able to carry out the execution of the work with cleanliness and guarantee, since this glass of important dimensions (10.00x5.00m) is not supported on any ground, but rather it is a glass hung above a structure .


This is one of the reasons where, thanks to the nature of our PASSIVE POOL system, it gained strength at the time of the choice in the project execution decisions. Thanks to us, the work, the facultative management and its client felt more supported because our product gave them:

  • Lightness in the construction of these elements compared to a traditional system
  • Speed of execution as it is a public facility, reducing losses due to not being open to the public
  • Great energy savings due to the fact that our core is made from thermal insulation
  • Guarantee in unique meeting points when integrated and sealed from the factory
  • Adaptation to the existing shape of the pool glass