Designed and developed jointly with our client, it is a glass measuring 15.00x4.00m where we work to integrate all the elements that make up a pool glass complete with technical room, upper beach area for bathers access, a outdoor shower, decorative glass in pool glass and bench area

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Thanks to the versatility of our PASSIVE POOL system, it was possible to carry out this design of a large pool glass where our technical department, in conjunction with the client and the medical management, carried out solving the different Singular points to be resolved, all due to the contour conditions of the work, a newly executed flat walkable roof on the roof of a hotel.

Singular points
One of the most conflicting points for the design and execution of this glass was the integration of two existing smoke outlets in the shape of the glass manufactured by EP elementS, in the image you can see one of them where our technicians had They have to go to the construction site to measure and decide the necessary tolerances to guarantee a good assembly. To this singular element must be added the placement of a water window right next to this outlet, which is why good design criteria played a fundamental role in successfully installing the vessel with our system.


We can also appreciate that with our product not only glasses of swimming pool, in this case, in the images below we will see different unique elements that give added value to the installation and especially to the use capabilities of our system.

Among other constituent elements, we find in this project:

  • Elevated access beach for users
  • Technical room to house the purification system
  • Perimeter railing directly attached to our product
  • Indoor pool glass bench for users
  • Access stairs both exterior and interior