Collaboration with facultative direction in the design and development of the solution with EP-elementS structural insulation for the conformation of the structure in EPS BLUE, where we make pieces of suitable sizes to solve the passage of the product to the work area.

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Pioneering project with one of our most loyal customers and collaborators, carried out in a state of alarm and with the difficulties that it entailed with travel, our client together with EP elements were able to remotely design and manufacture a pool glass of 10000x2500mm of sheet of water and interior height 900mm. Thanks to our 3D technology, graphics and the advantages it offers to anticipate problems, our client was able to install his first PASSIVE POOLS pool without the need, due to COVID restrictions, of the displacement of a factory technician.

Perimeter piece as support for grating
In the lower photograph you can see a perimeter channel filled with pebble, EP elements projected together with the architecture an additional piece where, in turn, it acted as a support for the completion of the wooden platform, to house a piece in the form of " U "to have a perimeter channel for the splashes that could be caused during the enjoyment of the glass by the users. These pieces were additionally placed once the glass was made.

Highlight the design of our EP elements pool basin, a structure designed to be placed in an area with difficult access. It consists of a staircase with a total width equivalent to that of the glass and an "L" shaped bench so that users can sit and enjoy the views that the place provides.


Our composite and PASSIVE POOLS system also allow us to anticipate or make in situ reinforcements for additional elements such as those shown in this photograph. In this case, our client decided after conceiving and manufacturing the structure, to place a crane for the disabled. From our product design department, the instructions and materials to be used were indicated to be able to execute this without any problem.