We manage the mechanization in our facilities of the machining of more than 600m³ of polystyrene where we shaped a large grotto located in a hotel complex in Thailand. We actively participate in both manufacturing and construction solutions.

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A great challenge to solve a project with very particular characteristics. An attempt was made to develop, together with our client, the constructive solution, a 3D model and an ideal exploded view for the on-site assembly of the polystyrene base for the formation of a cave of interior measurements 15.00x15.00m with a height in the center of 12.00m and an upper opening, in order to give light to the entire complex, 4.00m. Here, EP elements acted as a designer and manufacturer of the component parts, all of them unique, being a global of more than 700 large pieces.

Theming and 3D technology
One of the main maxims that led to the achievement of this project to EP elements was the great capacity that it has in terms of design and development of 3D models, as well as their manufacture by means of hot wire cutting CNC and machining robots with great scope.

Thanks to the aforementioned, EP elements was able to show the client previously how the result of this "assembly mechanism" was going to be, where by using BIM methodology (building information modeling) we previously emulated the entire project, solving any interference with the existing open-plan building. Due to this, we also had to design the proposed metallic structure in 3D, in this way all pieces were tailored to what the work had already installed, it is our method.


Finally, it is worth highlighting the great solution provided and idea. Our technology allows us to anticipate precast works anywhere in the world, here in particular it was in Thailand, where due to all our work prior to manufacturing and our experience, we were able to offer the client a previous result to show exactly what was going on. to receive. This is our added value and, in large-scale works like this one, they acquire more value because we do not leave the final finish in the hands of "others" and offered to the client through 3D models.