A multidisciplinary team

EP-elementS, is a young company, but with a team that has extensive experience in the building sector and specialization in wet areas and manufacturing of elements for theming.
From Zaragoza, Spain, our company arises from a series of circumstances related to the construction environment, needs in innovation of new methods and systems for products under construction, seeing the opportunity to create a new idea and a new product that of a great advantage to our clients compared to traditional works where the key to achieving the project is balanced between a question of design, constructive solution, execution times and energy savings where we will add to the set, giving our added value, a personalized service in commercial matters and EP-elementS brand techniques.


The recipe to be successful in the business world is work, proof of this is the answer we offer to the initial question is CONFIDENCE AND KNOW HOW TO DO.

Thanks to our long career in various sectors, our work team, our knowledge in different professional areas, generate this trust, fostering, through hard work, the beginning of a professional and personal relationship with each of our clients.

From here, we invite all those clients who are willing to meet us, be interested in our activity and material, to pay us a visit without any commitment when they consider it necessary.

In this tour we will take the opportunity to better understand the concerns of our clients, explain all our work methodology, get to know our multidisciplinary team that makes up our company and learn about our facilities by conducting both training and demonstrations of product use, installations, documentation and any another type of requirement that they consider in their visit.


    We will study from a close position with our client the strategies and resources assigned to generate a perfect coordination, organization and control of our work in order to get our best product for our clients. We will always be available for our best service.
    Our objectives will always be in the minds of our CUSTOMERS. The characteristics of being clear, concise, achievable in economy and time, challenging with innovation, carried out in projects of extreme difficulty and, finally, consistent both in the environment and with our clients.
    These data come alone and proof of this is the proper management of production. Proof of this is that we have a periodic review of the results together with our clients to continue maintaining and knowing the environmental conditions of our product are adequate.
Design and development

3D modeling and part fabrication


CAD CAM CAE methodology using robots

Structural insulation

PASSIVE POOL by EPelementS system linked to energy saving

Always by your side

Personalized attention to our customers

in good hands

Our team of professionals