What we offer you

From design to factory

Ideas in design, INNOVATION and business opportunity, as well as PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. In order to understand our professional field, we must explain that EP-elementS is a company dedicated to product design and development, studying the needs of the building market and architectural projects, a company which, after prior study of solutions offered by our engineering department , the products are manufactured using the CAD / CAM / CAE methodology.

Our added value is technical advice both in PRE-SALE and POST-SALE, making our professionals in architecture, engineering and industrial design available to the client for any type of project without compromise.

Servicio 1
Design engineering, 3D modeling and FEM calculation

Our product design and engineering department offers the service of delineating and calculating structures made with our product for those unique projects that, due to their scope, require greater attention from EP-elementS.

Also, our professionals give direct support on the standard element formation systems shown in our catalogs.

Hot wire cutting machining

Carrying out 2D cutting (two dimensions) for large parts made by cutting by heat or abrasion depending on the material we use for the product.

EP-elementS has two large machines where you can make any simple design such as body letters, construction panels, shower trays, benches for urban furniture or swimming pool interiors, constructive solutions for the Wellness sector or any idea that you propose.

Servicio 3
7-axis robot machining

Complex shapes with advanced surfaces, this is what we manage to do thanks to our large robotic cell where we achieve a wide variety of designs that allows us to provide solutions to large architectural projects.

We managed to make monobloc pieces measuring 4000x1500x2700mm in height, this is a great advance for our clients, obtaining the least number of pieces possible to assemble them in record time.

Servicio 4
Factory pre-assembly of products

We pre-assemble all our projects in the factory, reviewing and passing an exhaustive quality control and, at the same time, giving the client the opportunity to review the project at our facilities or send them photographs for validation or modification of the expedition.

After this, we always move as a commissioning advice with our new clients, we think that a well-installed product will become the product of the future.