Our EP-Elements System

The system that makes the product come true

Lightweight and insulating

Great advantage when choosing a correct solution in matters where weight and energy saving are fundamental issues.


Our product, in its different aspects, has both water-repellent and waterproof properties.

Economical and versatile

Two aspects that, mixed together, manage to offer the customer a tailor-made design and at the same time optimized for its production.

Variety in design

The raw material from which any of our products is based is what allows us to have a great variety in shape.


The system that makes the product come true

EP-elementS was born through a mixture of ideas based on the shortcomings that the construction sector offers in singular points or complex solutions, strategic points where technique becomes the most valuable part.

Our product is directly linked, being an ideal support for the world of coating, be it ceramic, cement-based, resin or any other type of finish.


Industrial manufacturing for construction

We reduce delivery times

Controlled assembly planning

Does not require work

Precast system and dry construction.

Higher productivity

Does not require qualified assembly personnel.

Adaptation to the client

Adaptive factory production system.

Sustainability of the project

Product with insulating properties.

More information

Some examples...

Able to design and develop any project for construction

Did you know...


They have already done it

At EP-elements, our initial and main objective has been to seek to give our best face and solution to any client who is interested in our service and products, giving great support from the beginning of the relationship both in commercial and technical aspects.

Proof of this, at EP-elements, we have a qualified work team that manages to convey a feeling of confidence to our client, both in the product and in the people, offering added services such as technical advice on site, adaptation of technical documentation of the product depending on the needs of the company and many other services that you will be able to know in our first contact.

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