Fabricación de vaso de piscina con canal perimetral oculto actuando como depósito de compensación sin necesidad de la adecuación de un emplazamiento adicional para alojar este elemento, consiguiendo aliviar de igual forma el peso por metro cuadrado para ello.

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We show a pool glass with an overflow on all four sides, better named "overflow pool 360". Today, these types of designs are very much in "vogue" especially for roofs of buildings in hotels and residential areas where design prevails. The effect that we achieve with this type of glass is to have a water mirror where we do not recognize the structure of a swimming pool glass. In turn, they are always semi-hidden with

Perimeter channel hidden under platform
The main feature, apart from the overflowing water on its four sides, is the hidden channel under the wooden deck that makes it possible to install this pool in this project. The problem of space on roofs is always a "maximum" and therefore, EP elements, has the ability to provide a solution by devising construction elements that replace the usual compensation tanks common in the market with something made to measure.

On this channel, our client placed a series of metal support elements where, in this way, we managed to give flight to the platform and manage to make the groove between the terrace pavement with the meeting of the pool glass, achieving the communication of the glass of swimming pool with canal-reservoir.


In the images in the gallery we can see that it is a glass composed of a perimeter bench where the pool user will be able to enjoy a comfortable experience thanks to our ergonomics study carried out in a technical office. We take the opportunity to mention our ability to produce realistic images as a support service to our customers, you can see the complete rendering, manufacturing and installation process with finishing of our PASSIVE POOL product.