EP-Elements system

Modular program of prefabricated parts

Our industrialized construction system allows the realization of 3D models from a predefined global idea and that is composed of the combination of different standard rigid foam pieces that lead to achieve a shape and a product with better properties than traditional construction. 


From the hand of our client, we conceive the best design option to carry out a quality product. We manufacture all our products using CNC machinery and following the guidelines of the architectural project avoiding labor



Easy configuration of shapes thanks to our entire program of standard pieces designed to conform with the least number of designs, the largest number of shapes simply by making a simple combination of EP-elementS models.



We integrate the PASSIVE concept in industrialized construction elements, our entire system is manufactured only using rigid water-repellent polystyrene foam, obtaining a great energy contribution to the installation. We launched our new brand, PASSIVE POOLS by EP-elementS.



A preliminary study of needs and possible solutions is carried out in tailor-made projects, one of our specialties, in order to quickly solve any setback on site and, in turn, our system allows installations to be carried out in less time than the normal, with a standardized site dry system.


ADVANTAGE versus traditional construction

Our EP elements system benefits our clients in terms of work execution times and quality of finishes compared to the construction system that has been carried out so far. EP elements is committed to industrialization in construction and we have developed a series of prefabricated modules that will provide the following advantages over existing systems in buildings.

Structural weight lightening

We achieve that our structures provide quality and are obviated in calculations due to the weight of our product.

Energy saving

Great contribution to the quality of the building through this characteristic due to the nature of the insulating core of our product.


System made by parts that make up a product, which can be designed in advance to avoid failures.


We offer our clients a design service prior to manufacturing in cases of custom projects, thus obtaining the desired shape for the project.

Industrialized construction

The client obtains a great advance in work and time savings thanks to our prefabricated modules.

You ask, we create it

Some examples of what we are capable of creating