One of the largest and most complex pools made with our PASSIVE POOL system, it is a glass executed on a steel plate made in a rehabilitation of a hotel on the beachfront. This glass measures 15.00x3.00m of water sheet and has three glass fronts.

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Thanks to our technology and technical department, in this project we were able to develop the first EPS glass with a mixed PASSIVE POOL system, where various materials would converge together that have made the execution of the largest glass with a front glazed using high-density expanded polystyrene capable.

Technical study and speed in assembly
One of the factors that favored the achievement of the project was thanks to the design developed by our engineers to carry out the manufacture and subsequent assembly of this glass in record time. Here we manufacture the PASSIVE POOL structure in EPS in two weeks after the confirmation of designs and study of singular encounters. Subsequently, our client in less than two weeks carried out the installation of our prefabricated modules and waterproofing of the same, managing to give an excellent service to the client, taking into account that it was a dry work and without residues.

The particularity and, in turn, difficulty of this vessel was the compatibility of materials where the behavior and compatibility in matters of deformability, structural movement and durability over time had to be studied.


Among other materials, the following construction elements converged here that made one of the most beautiful and technological pools made with PASSIVE POOL capable:

  • Support of stainless steel plates supported on correctly braced beams
  • PASSIVE POOL floor joint with glass front fixing drawer, watertightness guarantee
  • Structural glass pillars to support the sheet of water on its three sides
  • Fijación y sellado de pilares en unión con las piezas de EPS en la zona de bancos
  • Impermeabilización mediante morteros técnicos elásticos especiales para este proyecto