One of the most demanded products due to the difficulty in both design and execution of SPA glasses, here we can see the design and installation of a hydromassage glass with six positions of air-water jets for lower backs made in a basement -3

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We show you one of the products most demanded by our customers, it is a spa glass with both water and air hydromassage with various positions where the user can enjoy a relaxing experience both therapeutic and fun. This project consists of the manufacture of a glass measuring 3.50x3.50m with a skimmer system for purification carried out on one floor except three of a basement for an apartment hotel, providing a substantial improvement to its services.

Modular and industrialized construction
This project is a clear example of the new trend in the construction sector, here EP-elements designed and calculated the system to be able to introduce the modular pieces that make up the PASSIVE POOL spa glass. From the factory we made a 3D model and a simulation of the entire previous hydraulic installation due to the complexity of all this type of installation at the level of pvc pipe. From here, we carry out the integration of all the elements with their pressure tests from our facilities for their delivery on site with the greatest of guarantees.

We will observe the quality of the finish of our product by our installer clients, it is not really appreciated if it is carried out by means of the standardized construction methods to date by work or if it is carried out with our PASSIVE POOL by EP-elements technology


Among other points to highlight, we not only manufacture elements that make up swimming pool glasses, but in this case we also carry out:

  • Exterior access ladder to the vessel
  • Intermediate access beach to lead to a shower area
  • Perimeter elements superior to the pool wall to guarantee humidity
  • Shower tray tailored to the spa room for continuous insulation and sealing